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Detroit Business Consulting Attends Tigers Opening Day Game!


It’s that time again – the Detroit Tigers will capture the attention of almost everyone in the Metro Detroit area as they start out the season with their opening day game today! If anyone has spent time in Michigan, they know that the city of Detroit celebrates the Tigers opening day game like’s it’s a holiday.  People take off work, buy tickets in advance and go out to tailgate and support the team with their friends.

Although Detroit Business Consulting didn’t call off work for everyone, we did have a two week competition for our sales and nonprofit teams to earn tickets to attend the game today!  Four deserving recipients will be downtown today at Comerica Park to watch the Tigers take on the Kansas City Royals. CONGRATULATIONS are in order for Sarah from our nonprofit team with Children International and Alex and Matt from our sales and marketing team with Comcast Business Class.  After working hard for two weeks to hit the highest numbers in the office, these individuals earned a day off work with Detroit Business Consulting owner, Michael Rosenberg, to support the Detroit Tigers at the stadium.

Have fun team!


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Detroit Business Consulting Hosts Regional Conference

As the week begins, employees at Detroit Business Consulting are taking some time out from saving the world to look ahead and plan goals for our continued personal and professional development. We practice this habit weekly; however, the goals for this upcoming time period are bigger and better than ever. Why, you ask? Well, with a regional conference being hosted in our very own city, we at DBC can’t help but be motivated for an amazing time of learning, collaboration and widespread success!


Next week, business consultants from across the Midwest region will fly, drive and walk (just kidding…I hope) into the Metro Detroit area for our company’s quarterly conference. The chilly city of Troy can expect to feel the warmth from the motivated individuals who are looking forward to having the exciting opportunity to hear from the recently promoted upper management team, our international executive board and a few world-renowned professional business keynote speakers.

DBC President, Mike Rosenberg, is sending the managers, assistant managers, team leaders, entry-level account representatives, administrators and interns to the conference. The attendees will join over 200 other area participants in the day-long event’s festivities; networking events, breakout luncheons, simulation training, philanthropy presentations and, of course, an awards dinner at one of Troy’s local best restaurants will round out the day.


As business professionals, Detroit Business Consulting employees are looking forward to the opportunity to better themselves and grow in our business. As sales experts, our company is excited for innovative marketing strategies. As philanthropists, DBC can’t wait to see how the employee’s hard work has benefited impoverished children throughout the world.

Stay tuned for a blog on Detroit Business Consulting’s experience after next week’s event!




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