Monthly Archives: March 2011

Conference in the Windy City!

It’s a well-known fact that the managers at DBC love to travel, so it’s no surprise that they took the whole office to Chicago this past weekend for a conference that focused on sales, marketing and management. The managers usually use travel opportunity as a tool to reward people who have been working hard and exceeding their expectations, but this conference was for everyone in the office!

Managers from six states spoke at the conference and spoke on topics ranging from ways to promote growth and advancement within the office, to social media and how to market to your target audience.

The assistant managers are traveling to Los Angeles later this week to sharpen their skills, and they are traveling to Atlanta, GA the following week. Owner Mike Rosenberg is preparing for his trip to Europe in a couple of weeks to do some sight-seeing and attend the 2011 Masters Golf Tournament. A select group of people will be going to Nashville in June for conferences, and the entire management team will be heading to Puerto Rico in September for some R&R. We really do love to travel and reward people for doing well!



Detroit Business Consulting Expands To New Location!

We have officially opened in our new location on Big Beaver Road in Troy. Our sales and marketing company has expanded our office and moved to a larger office space. The new suite is across the street in the well-known building that AT&T occupied until a couple of months ago.

The new address for Detroit Business Consulting is:

100 E. Big Beaver Rd. Suite 300

Troy, MI 48083

The new suite is much larger and offers more room for meetings and employees. DBC owner Michael Rosenberg explained that the suite has two extra offices, a larger conference room, and another room specifically for management meetings. The new office has the same feeling of energy and excitement with its colorful walls and modern decor.

We have officially opened our doors for business at the new location. We are excited for the potential we have to continue our growth with this larger office space!


Management in Las Vegas!

Mike left yesterday for Las Vegas for meetings and fun with other company owners! He attended this conference last year as well, and his current business successes have earned him the trip  again this year.  The meetings will focus on different management styles, behavioral situations with employees, and training and development techniques.

When the owners are not in meetings, they will have time to enjoy the perks of being in Las Vegas. Mike will return next Tuesday, so we are excited to see what new ideas he will bring back to the office!



We started out the kickball season with a doubleheader last night! The last time we played as a team was in June when we had our outdoor kickball team. This league is indoor, but still just as much fun! Our games will be each Monday evening in Sterling Heights at 9:00 PM. We are in the process of getting jerseys made so we will look even more official! Get excited for next week!


Trip to St. Louis!

The assistant manager and 3 account managers are heading to St. Louis, Missouri today for some fun and learning! They will visit the office there and spend time with an organizational consultant to learn from her. This trip is a privilege that they earned through their sales, excellent attitudes, and ability to train others. DBC prides itself on having a merit based system, so they are being rewarded for their hard work. The trip will end with some Mardi Gras festivities. St. Louis is known for their large Mardi Gras celebration!