Monthly Archives: May 2011


We are happy to have Mike and Ryan back from Boston. They headed there on Saturday and returned last night. While they were there, they went to a leadership conference, spent time with other sales and marketing owners to learn from them, and they were also treated to a baseball game at Fenway Park! The trip was a reward for Ryan since he has been going above and beyond in the office. He has exceptional leadership skills that this conference helped sharpen. We are excited to see big things happen for him in the future!


DBC Attended The 2011 Masters Tournament!

Our manager really enjoys golfing, so it wasn’t a big surprise when he announced that he was going to The 2011 Masters Tournament and would be taking someone from the office with him! The tournament was held in Augusta, GA and fit in perfectly before his trip to England the week after. Sam, one of the Account Managers in the office, was chosen to attend the event with Mike. When asked about his trip, Sam explained that it was something he has always wanted to do, but never thought he’d actually get the chance to go to The Masters Tournament.  Sam said that it was such a great opportunity to be surrounded by such positive people and talk and network with them.