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Detroit Business Consulting Learns in Atlanta!

Part of the management team at Detroit Business Consulting spent the week in Atlanta for some fun and learning! Both of our assistant managers were at the conferences that took place Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  They received training and coaching from some of the top managers and consultants in the field and had time to network and speak with them one-on-one. The conference consisted of assistant managers from around the country who were all there to learn and network.

Saturday was a day full of fun in Atlanta! The city has every kind of attraction, so we decided to check out the World of Coca Cola and the Atlanta Aquarium.  The World of Coca Cola took us on an adventure through the creation and history of Coke and we ended the tour by taste-testing a variety of Coca Cola products that are distributed all over the world.  There were over 60 flavors to try, but don’t worry, we didn’t try them all!

We ended the day with a visit to the Atlanta Aquarium, which was amazing! There was a variety of exotic animals we got to see, including beluga whales and sea dragons.  Our trip was fun and educational; we did a lot of note-taking and networking with some amazing entrepreneurs.


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Detroit Business Consulting at Joe Louis Arena

The atmosphere in Detroit lived up to its “hockey town” reputation yesterday as the Detroit Red Wings took on the Nashville Predators at the Joe Louis Arena. This was the third game of the series in the first round of playoffs.  Since we’ve got a lot of sports enthusiasts in our office, we bought 4 tickets to the game and we all got to sit 8 rows behind the ice and cheer on the Wings!  Although the Red Wings couldn’t pull off a win, the energy in the arena was unmatched! As the Wings continue through the series, we’ll continue to follow them and hopefully be returning to “The Joe” very soon for another match.


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Aubin Tierney

Aubin Tierney was recognized this week for her leadership skills in the office.  She ran a meeting this morning for everyone and talked about where her determination came from.  Aubin explained that when she was six years old, she burnt her feet and spent the summer in and out of the hospital and was told she was never going to be able to walk again.  After watching her brother and sister play outside and run around, Aubin was determined to be able to join in the fun.  Even as a little girl, she knew that she was not going to accept being told that she couldn’t do something.  Because Aubin was so determined, she went on to play 3 sports in high school and run track.

Aubin ended the meeting by saying, “even though the odds weren’t with me, I was so determined to be successful.”

This mentality has brought her to where she is today and she faces each day with that same determination.