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Detroit Business Consulting Attends 2014 NHL Winter Classic

WingsAfter a month-long office competition during the Christmas season, three lucky team members earned the opportunity to attend the 2014 NHL Winter Classic at the Big House in Ann Arbor.  The competition rewarded ten team members in total – 5 from our sales and marketing team and 5 from our nonprofit team.  Both first place winners chose the hockey tickets as their reward for their hard work.

NHL 1The Detroit Red Wings faced the Toronto Maple Leaves on New Years Day in perfect Winter Classic conditions – cold and snowy.  Unlike most NHL games, this game was played outside in the elements.  Geared up with hats, gloves and toe warmers, we had a very memorable and fun time at the game. There was a record-breaking number of people in attendance on that day, with over 105,000 people coming out to support the teams!

NHL 2Charity winner Nicole Lysak is a hockey fanatic, so it was no surprise when she chose the hockey game as her first place reward.  Kyle Norman was in attendance from the sales and marketing team. Both are strong leaders in the office and on their campaigns and truly deserved the trip they earned.  Office competitions are very common in our sales and marketing office.  It promotes healthy competition with the opportunity for a fun payoff!


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Detroit Business Consulting Has Fantasy Football Draft Party IV

Detroit Business Consulting had its 4th annual fantasy draft party last night! Each year our company makes the football season a little bit more interesting by having a fourteen team fantasy football league that coincides with the actual NFL season.

picstitch2Our office got together last night to draft our teams and enjoy some pizza and wings in true football style. What’s the prize for winning the league? Instead of the usual trophy prize, Detroit Business Consulting is starting a new tradition this year with a pennant that will hang in the office and recognize the winner. As usual, the winner will get bragging rights for the whole next year as well.

Good Luck Everyone!


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We started out the kickball season with a doubleheader last night! The last time we played as a team was in June when we had our outdoor kickball team. This league is indoor, but still just as much fun! Our games will be each Monday evening in Sterling Heights at 9:00 PM. We are in the process of getting jerseys made so we will look even more official! Get excited for next week!


4th Annual Turkey Bowl!

Start practicing your Peyton Manning spirals and Andre Johnson catches because our 4th annual office turkey bowl is taking place this Sunday!

Everyone in the office is invited to compete in the flag football fun! After the game, we will all be getting together to hang out and eat pizza, so if anyone can’t make it to the turkey bowl, they can come afterward for food. The bowl starts at 1:00 p.m. on Sunday and the location will be announced during Friday’s morning meeting. Get ready for some fun!