Detroit Business Consulting Travels to Toronto to Train

12 May

Detroit Business Consulting will be sending two charity Account Managers to Toronto, Canada today to help train a charity office there.  This is one of the benefits of working with a company that can do work on an international level – we get to travel!

Working on our Children International campaign, Abby and Caitlin are examples of excellent leaders in our office.  They both specialize in the nonprofit division and have had the opportunity to travel to Philadelphia last year for our national conference, New York City for nonprofit work and to Ohio for training.  This business trip to Toronto will test their training ability and give them the opportunity to experience the culture in Canada.  Next month, both of these individuals will be attending our 2014 national conference in Philadelphia. 


Abby joined our team when we had just launched our nonprofit division last year and Caitlin has been working with us as an intern while finishing school at Central Michigan.  After graduating this past weekend, we couldn’t be more excited to officially welcome her to the team full time! After proving her training and fundraising ability, Caitlin proved to be a valuable asset to our team with her passion for helping children and making a difference on the campaign.  Since we put a strong emphasis on growth at Detroit Business Consulting, traveling and networking are a focal point of our development.  Have a great time in Toronto, ladies!



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