Detroit Business Consulting Attends Conference in Atlanta

08 Aug

Our Atlanta conference was quite the learning experience for everyone at Detroit Business Consulting!  We had a full weekend to network, enhance our business skills and see some “big picture” opportunities. There were a variety of speakers at the conference that covered topics including our successes over the past year, new clients we are focusing on, and the importance of building our business on integrity.

We were privileged to have NCAA wrestling champion Anthony Robles speak to us at the conference.  He shared his struggles through wrestling, difficult family times and sickness, and how he kept himself focused on his goals through all of it.  We all agreed it was one of the most motivational speeches we had ever heard.


Following the speakers, there was an awards ceremony that recognized top performers in different areas including growth, sales, promotion/advancement, and administrative successes.  Elizabeth Reichert was recognized for her administrative work and the promotions she was a part of. Manager Michael Rosenberg spoke about his excitement for the growth of the upcoming year and and his pride in the success of this past year.


We are definitely looking forward to our next conference and are excited to bring home even more awards next time!


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