Detroit Business Consulting Learns in Atlanta!

24 Apr

Part of the management team at Detroit Business Consulting spent the week in Atlanta for some fun and learning! Both of our assistant managers were at the conferences that took place Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  They received training and coaching from some of the top managers and consultants in the field and had time to network and speak with them one-on-one. The conference consisted of assistant managers from around the country who were all there to learn and network.

Saturday was a day full of fun in Atlanta! The city has every kind of attraction, so we decided to check out the World of Coca Cola and the Atlanta Aquarium.  The World of Coca Cola took us on an adventure through the creation and history of Coke and we ended the tour by taste-testing a variety of Coca Cola products that are distributed all over the world.  There were over 60 flavors to try, but don’t worry, we didn’t try them all!

We ended the day with a visit to the Atlanta Aquarium, which was amazing! There was a variety of exotic animals we got to see, including beluga whales and sea dragons.  Our trip was fun and educational; we did a lot of note-taking and networking with some amazing entrepreneurs.


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