The Best Way to Become an Expert

10 Jan

How to get to the point where you always know what you’re talking about.

You really need to be an expert before you can have groundbreaking ideas. So how do you become an expert? Here are the steps David Baker recommends:

  • Narrow your field of expertise so that you can go deeper within that field, whether vertical or horizontal.  You simply cannot be an expert in everything. 
  • Try to broaden your exposure to all sorts of things that do not fall within your area of declared expertise. Be a renaissance person, but, broaden your horizons on your own time.
  • Apply your expertise repeatedly in similar situations. This is the only way you will notice patterns, and the essence of intelligence is pattern matching.
  • Quit trying to learn more, and just put yourself out there. After writing down the patterns, test them with clients and prospects and adjust where necessary. 
  • Think differently about the mistakes you make. When you are challenged on a particular recommendation, listen carefully and be open to the fact your pattern matching may have been flawed and led to an incorrect assumption.
  • Develop your insightful observations into a system.
  • Articulate your system so well that you build a training module, and train all new employees in your system.
  • Start taking the time now to articulate your ideas and the patterns you notice. You’re probably a lot smarter than you think.

By: Jeff Haden

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