Ways to Get Your Résumé Noticed

21 Oct

“Because hiring managers are receiving large volumes of applications, job seekers have just seconds to make a lasting impression,” said Jason Ferrara, senior career adviser at CareerBuilder. “55 percent of hiring managers told us they spend a minute or less reviewing a new resume, while another 29 percent spend one to two minutes reviewing one.”

If you’ve been sending out résumés without any response, here are a few ways to get your résumé noticed:

1. Start from scratch
A new year means a new résumé. Even though it might not sound like fun to rewrite your whole résumé (it probably won’t be), give it a try. Obviously, if you didn’t get any bites last year, something was a little off with your current résumé. Rearrange some sections, try a different format and use a different font. Just switch things up a little bit and see what happens.

2. Make your achievements stand out
Many job seekers list their job duties on their résumés, but not their accomplishments. Although your past duties are important, employers care more about your ability to produce results. Try separating your daily functions from your achievements by first listing your job duties in a paragraph format, and then incorporating a bulleted area below that is titled “key accomplishments” to list your successes.

3. Include a summary or objective
Including a summary on your résumé is one of those steps that many job seekers forget to take — and if they do remember, they usually include the wrong information. Employers want to know if you’re a good fit for their organization, so writing something like, “To gain experience in X industry,” doesn’t say much about you or what you can do for the employer. Your career summary should portray your experience and emphasize how it will help the prospective employer. It should be specific and include explicit industry-related functions, quantifiable achievements or your areas of expertise.

By CareerBuilder

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